Introducing DETS: the ACT Disability Equality Training Series

Overview of DETS:

The ACT Disability Equality Training Series is ACT's new curriculum of 12-session courses that give self-advocacy groups the tools for building a culture of disability equality. You lead each session, with proven support materials from ACT.

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If we are to achieve equality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it will come from the leadership and passion of the people themselves. The empowerment, understanding and community integration found in the rigor of this training series will build the strong peer groups and the new leadership we need to reach that equality.

FREE TRIAL: try leading one session and get a first-hand glimpse of the group-learning design.


Features of DETS (the ACT Disability Equality Training Series)

  • Program design and content established from ACT's decades of leadership and collaboration on disability rights in Minnesota, as well as nationally and internationally.
  • All courses are self-led; ACT trains your trainers.
  • Each course has 12 one-hour sessions and is organized on the self-advocacy cycle: building personal power, connecting to disability rights, building better communities.
  • *Each session is easy to present: support materials are easy to use, clearly organized, and include strategies for engaging participants in activities that enhance the learning experience.
  • All sessions use group learning with participatory learning model.
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes courses from basic to advanced levels.
  • Completion certificates recognize achievement.
  • Rigor reflected in program structure, where smaller groups learn over longer periods of time, creating lasting leadership skills.
  • DETS is a program of the ACT Center for Disability Leadership.

FREE TRIAL: try leading one session, with full access to the support videos, step-by step leader guides, and support tips.


Pricing of DETS Courses:

The Disability Equality Training Series (DETS) courses are priced “per-learning group". A learning group is a group of 8 to 12 people who have made a commitment to complete an entire 12-session course. You choose the package that reflects the number of such groups you will be leading.

In purchasing and leading a DETS course, you take a step into the future of disability equality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And you make a commitment to honor the parameters of the package you have chosen. Please call with any questions: 651-641-0297 or email us at

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