Welcome to the FREE TRIAL for the ACT Disability Equality Training Series (DETS).

Welcome Video.

Easiest way to start: gather your leader team of three and watch the welcome video (above), then the two overview videos (below). After that, look over the specific materials for leading your Free Trial session, which is Session 5 of the first DETS Course. Look through these materials carefully, and be sure to practice for an hour or more with your leader team before you try to lead it.

After you lead the Free Trail session, we hope you’ll consider purchasing the entire course. Remember that this session is one part of a 12 session course, Course 101: Self-Advocacy basics. Each session uses participatory, fun, powerful methods to build disability knowledge and leadership. Pricing page.

Please call us at the ACT Center for Disability Leadership if you have any questions as you lead this free trial, and as you consider participating in the full series.

DETS Overview.

Course Structure: the 12 sessions

Session 5–Free Trial

Session 5 in one of twelve sessions in Course 101. In Session 5, participants learn about the main disability laws in our country and how those laws affect our lives and empower us all.

Reminder: Like all DETS sessions, this session should have a learning group of no more than 12 participants, and should be led by a team of three (two self advocates and one ally). Have your leader team watch the Session 5 video and carefully read the pdfs. Then practice together for at least 60 minutes before leading the session.”

5a. Three Laws

Learn about the three major disability rights laws, and tell/show how these laws affect your community.


  • Participants learn about disability laws.
  • Participants tell/show how these laws impact their lives.

5b. You Be the Judge

Read aloud a series of scenarios describing a situation.

Self-advocates take turns deciding if something’s illegal, why and how to fix it.


  • Participants begin to discern when disability rights are
    being violated and how to change the situations to make
    them legal.

Materials (pdfs):  Do both exercises

Session 5a – Three Laws

Session 5b – You Be the Judge

5b. Legal Issue Cards (print two-sided)

5a. Three Law Posters