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DETS distance learning edition


The ACT Disability Equality Training Series (DETS) is ACT’s curriculum of 12-session courses that give self-advocacy groups tools for building a culture of disability equality. THIS VERSION OF THE SERIES IS DESIGNED FOR DISTANCE LEARNING. Like the in-person edition, DETS distance learning trainers are guided to lead each session using materials designed for a distance learning platform — Zoom, Skype, Google.

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Each course includes detailed meeting outline and support materials for leading 12 distance learning sessions. Each DETS course includes a range of sessions that cover a self-advocacy cycle: building personal power, connecting to disability rights, building better communities.

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The DETS series 


  • is self-led; ACT supports those who organize and engage self advocates in their community.
  • is designed so each distance learning session is easy to present: support materials are easy to use, clearly organized, and include guides for creating remote learning engagement among all participants — activities designed for distance learning. 
  • translates the participatory learning model to distance learning. 
  • has built rigor in program structure and content, where groups of eight participants learn over longer periods of time, creating lasting leadership skills. 
  • helps build a commitment to attendance and recognition of achievement, including completion certificates. 
  • is established from ACT Center’s decades of leadership and collaboration on disability rights in Minnesota, as well as nationally and internationally. 

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Pricing of DETS Courses

The Disability Equality Training Series (DETS) courses are priced “per-learning group”. Distance learning modules are recommended for no more than eight people who have made a commitment to  complete an entire 12-session course. In addition to eight  participants, ACT recommends the trainer work with two assistants, a self-advocate and an ally. Materials are designed for these 11 participants — groups use “breakout rooms” for higher engagement in the distance learning environment.


In purchasing and leading a DETS course, you take a step into the future of disability equality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please call with any questions: 651-641-0297 or email us at act@selfadvocacy.org. 

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Please contact us at the ACT Center on Disability Leadership with any questions: 651-641-0297 | act@selfadvocacy.org.