Welcome trainers. We want to support you and your trainer-team in any way we can as you begin as a DETS facilitator and lead your own group. The VIDEOS BELOW will get your team rolling, and should answer many of your questions about how to lead a DETS course. Best would be to watch these videos in order, at first.

Please contact ACT with any other questions you have. 

Thanks so much.

Mary Kay Kennedy, ACT, 651-641-0297

  1. DETS Overview.

2.  Course Structure: the 12 sessions

3. Getting Started: The Resources You’ll Need

4. Commitment Needed: by participants 

5. Recruiting Participants

6. Choosing a Venue

7. Deciding a Schedule

8. Preparation Needs: Spend Enough Time to Prepare Well

9. Ally Skills for Co-Leading

10. ACT Support: Ongoing