The Disability Equality Training Series (DETS) courses are priced “per-learning group”.

Distance learning sessions are recommended for eight participants who have made a commitment to complete an entire 12-session course. In-person sessions work with up to 12 participants.

The course is designed to be led by a support ally/ self-advocate team. Distance learning materials are designed for small group interactions and use “breakout rooms” for higher engagement in the online environment. In-person sessions are highly interactive for total participation by attendees.

License fee is $240 per participant based on class size. This works out to be $20-$30 per session for each participant, depending on version.
License Fee for one cohort of 8 $1,920 one cohort
License Fee for 16 $3,840 two cohorts/ less 10%
License Fee for 24 $5,760 three cohorts /less 15%
License Fee for 32 $7,680 four cohorts /less 20%
License Fee for 40 $9,600 five cohorts /less 25%

For licensing use with more than five cohorts, call ACT for schedule of volume discounts.

Organization or groups not able to pay licensing fees may apply for a scholarship.

ACT Center facilitation of a 12-session course: Add $2,400 per course Call to make arrangements.

Please contact us at the ACT Center on Disability Leadership with any questions: 651-641-0297.

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